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Rep. Greene Signs on as Original Cosponsor to Pro-Gun Bills EXPANDING the Rights of Gun Owners


 Last week, Congresswoman Marjorie Greene delivered on her campaign promises to be a leader in EXPANDING the rights of lawful American gun owners by signing on as an original cosponsor of Rep. Richard Hudson's Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act H.R. 38 and Reps. Jeff Duncan and John Carter's Hearing Protection Act H.R. 155.

The Conceal Carry Reciprocity Act would: 

  • Mandate states to recognize concealed carry permits from ALL other states.
  • Ensure the right of law-abiding gun owners to travel freely in America without becoming a criminal.
  • Eliminate the federal prohibition on possessing a firearm in "gun-free" school zones for lawful concealed carry holders.
  • Clarify contradictory firearm carry regulations across state lines. 

The Hearing Protection Act would:

  • Allow gun owners to easily purchase suppressors to preserve their hearing by cutting government red tape and reducing compliance burdens.
  • Protect the privacy of suppressor owners by requiring the Attorney General to destroy any list of purchases.
  • Update the outdated federal transfer process to make it easier for suppressor manufacturers and gun owners to obtain safety equipment.

Congresswoman Greene announced her support of this powerful legislation to give rights back to lawful gun owners protected by the Second Amendment with the following statement:

"Throughout my campaign for Congress, I promised the people of Northwest Georgia that I would be the strongest defender of gun rights on Capitol Hill. This legislation not only protects our God-given natural right to protect yourself and your family, it returns rights that federal and state governments have stripped away from law-abiding Americans. I'm a proud original cosponsor of this critical pro-gun legislation and will continue to deliver for the 14th District of Georgia, gun owners throughout America, and our Constitution."


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