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For Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25), Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene submitted the below community project funding (CPF) requests to the House Appropriations Committee, consistent with the Committee’s guidance.

Appropriations Requests submitted by Congresswoman Greene for prior fiscal years can be found here.

Lookout Mountain Cloudland Fire and Emergency Center (LMCFEC)

Recipient: Walker County Development Authority
Location: Hwy 157, Rising Fawn, Georgia 30738
Amount: $2,650,000
Justification: LMCFEC is a centrally located public safety project designed to enhance the safety and well-being of all who reside in and travel to the region. The project involves the construction of a state-of-the-art vertically integrated Fire and Emergency Facility centrally located along Hwy 157 to minimize response times and maximize coverage for the entire region. LMCFEC will have full-time Fire and EMS and serve as an outpost for the following: Walker County Sheriff’s Office, Dade County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia State Patrol, Georgia Forestry Commission, and a Disaster Relief Shelter.

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Dalton State College Chemistry Lab Upgrades

Recipient: Dalton State College
Location: 650 College Dr, Dalton, Georgia 30720
Amount: $1,520,000
Justification: The upgrades to the chemistry lab at Dalton State would have a direct impact on the local economy. Many graduates from Dalton State remain in the community working for the local chemical and flooring companies, and as the current workforce ages, companies need talented graduates to replace older employees leaving the workforce. The technology looking to be acquired is the same used by the industry and will allow students to remain competitive during the hiring process. Further, local industry partners with Dalton State and the chemistry department to conduct research on new products and chemical compounds used in manufacturing. This valuable use of funds will help prepare young people to have successful careers in an important industry.

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Renovation of Law Enforcement Building into Judicial Annex

Recipient: Floyd County Board of Commissioners
Location: 3 Government Plaza & 5 Government Plaza, Rome, Georgia 30161
Amount: $1,100,000
Justification: The Law Enforcement Building Renovation into the Judicial Annex project will be used for the renovation of a judicial facility. More specifically, this project will move the inferior courts housed on the second floor of this building and allow expansion of Superior Court and supporting services into the vacated area. Moving these two agencies will better serve the citizens of Floyd County through easier access and more efficient work areas.

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Northwest Cobb Water Reclamation Facility Headworks and Dewatering Replacement Project

Recipient: Cobb County Board of Commissioners
Location: 3740 Hwy 293 (Old 41), Kennesaw, Georgia, 30144
Amount: $800,000
Justification: The Northwest Cobb Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) is located at 3740 Hwy 293, Kennesaw, GA 30144 and provides advanced wastewater treatment for the northwest portion of unincorporated Cobb County, the Cities of Kennesaw and Acworth, and portions of Bartow, Cherokee, and Paulding Counties. The facility reclaims wastewater, producing reuse-quality water that is either discharged to Lake Allatoona or provided to several urban reuse customers for irrigation purposes. Due to the age of equipment and operational challenges, some of the critical components such as influent screens, grit chambers, and belt press dewatering devices need to be replaced. This is a valuable use of funds because it will improve a facility that provides water services to underserved areas.

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Cedartown Water Plant Clearwell Expansion Project

Recipient: City of Cedartown
Location: 201 East Avenue, Cedartown, Georgia 30125
Amount: $1,660,800
Justification: Replacement of the 30+ year old clear well would update Cedartown’s water capacity to better serve all citizens, businesses, and industries located within Cedartown, Georgia. Improvements to the system will ensure that the system would remain CT value limit complaint and guarantee that projected growth will not be stunted by utility restrictions as basic as water availability. This project is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds because it allows for Cedartown water to meet the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) mandated amount of water contact time (CT).

Signed Disclosure Letter

Walker County Water Infrastructure Improvements

Recipient: Walker County Water and Sewerage Authority
Location: 4665 Happy Valley Road, Flintstone, Georgia, 30725
Amount: $12,982,953
Justification: This project provides reliable water to thousands of water customers in NW Georgia. Many of these citizens do not have access currently to safe drinking water and this project will eliminate the problem by making vital infrastructure improvements across the county.

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Cleveland Highway Sewer Expansion Phase 2

Recipient: Whitfield County Board of Commissioners
Location: 1200 V.D. Parrot, Jr Parkway, Dalton, Georgia 30722
Amount: $1,971,200
Justification: This project would access an existing force sewer main along Cleveland Highway (GA Hwy 71) and create 28,000 LF of public sewer access along Cleveland Highway, Old Dalton Cleveland Highway, and Wolf Street. The project will mitigate pollution in both the water supply watershed and groundwater recharge area as well as support residential growth in an underserved area.

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Rossville Sewer System Rehabilitation and/or Replacement Plan

Recipient: City of Rossville
Location: 400 McFarland Ave, Rossville, Georgia 30741
Amount: $977,500
Justification: The goal of rehabbing and upgrading the wastewater system in the City of Rossville would be to better serve the current residents by eliminating sewer backups and breaks, and allowing for additional population growth that is imminent due to regional growth around the City of Chattanooga.

Signed Disclosure Letter

Big Texas Valley Water Extension

Recipient: Floyd County Board of Commissioners
Location: 12 East 4th Ave, Rome, Georgia 30161
Amount: $4,600,000
Justification: The project generally consists of installation of 60,500 linear feet of water mains, addition of 75 fire hydrants, installation of 235 new water service lines along with associated valves and appurtenances. The project will provide water service to 235 residences that currently do not have public water available. The project will also allow Floyd County to close a loop between sources/tanks in the northwest part of the county and those in the southwest part of the county. This will allow more efficient use of existing water sources along with redundancy and increased capacity for most of the western part of the county.

Signed Disclosure Letter

Biddy Road Well Design & Construction

Recipient: Floyd County Board of Commissioners
Location: 415 Biddy Road, Rome, Georgia, 30165
Amount: $2,560,000
Justification: Construction of the Biddy Road well will reduce Floyd County’s dependence on neighboring water systems to meet current drinking water needs for Floyd County residents. Currently, neighboring water systems are having to initiate plant modifications to meet requirements for EPA’s new PFAS limits. The well will also allow Floyd County to provide drinking water to residents in the southeast part of the county where no public water is currently available. Additionally, the project will create opportunities for additional residential development in the southeast part of the county.

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West Indiana Street Multi-Modal Trail

Recipient: City of LaFayette
Location: West Indiana Street, LaFayette, Georgia 30728
Amount: $774,130
Justification: The West Indiana Street Multi-Modal Trail project in LaFayette will benefit the city's 6,888 residents by granting them access to a four-mile greenway trail system that encircles the entire city. These greenway trails offer safe, convenient spaces for activities like walking, jogging, running, cycling, and more. By making physical activity more accessible, the project aims to encourage residents to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

Signed Disclosure Letter

Murray South Industrial Park Road Extension

Recipient: Murray County Industrial Development Authority
Location: 145 Polytec Dr, Chatsworth, Georgia 30705
Amount: $1,095,164
Justification: The purpose of this project is to make industrial sites accessible and ready for development. This will allow Murray County to grow their tax base and provide much needed jobs in the community.

Signed Disclosure Letter

Paulding County Transportation Training Facility

Recipient: Paulding County Board of Commissioners
Location: 580 Airport Parkway, Dallas, Georgia 30132
Amount: $3,000,000
Justification: The transportation sector in North Georgia currently faces critical shortages of available workforce in many areas including truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, pilots, aircraft mechanics, air traffic controllers, meteorologists, avionics technicians, aeronautical engineers, and many other related fields. The proposed facility would be available to Paulding, Polk, and Floyd County citizens as a location to receive training and/or continuing education in areas related to transportation. This project would provide additional training opportunities that are not currently available.

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