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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Censure Resolution Against Rashida Tlaib Following Insurrection

EXCLUSIVE: Marjorie Taylor Greene to bring resolution to censure Rashida Tlaib, accusing her of 'antisemitic activity' – Fox News

Following last week’s insurrection at the United States Capitol by Israel-hating, America-hating Jewish Voice for Peace led by Rashida Tlaib, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene announced her intent to introduce a censure resolution against Representative Tlaib.

Today, Congresswoman Greene introduced her resolution against Rep. Tlaib for antisemitic activity, sympathizing with terrorist organizations, and leading an insurrection at the United States Capitol Complex. “This type of Israel-hating, America-hating behavior from a sitting Member of Congress is unacceptable and she does not represent anything America stands for. That's why I'm introducing a censure resolution for Rashida Tlaib,” stated Congresswoman Greene.

One of the group chats the insurrectionists used to communicate with each other in last week’s coordinated attack on our Democracy was named "Global Intifada," which means rebellion and uprising. The ADL describes Jewish Voice for Peace, the pro-Hamas Arabic rebellion and uprising group Rashida Tlaib led into Capitol, as "a radical anti-Israel activist group that advocates for a complete economic, cultural and academic boycott of the state of Israel." One of Tlaib's aggressive insurrectionists even came after Congresswoman Greene in the Cannon building while she was broadcasting what was taking place to her social media audience.

Tlaib has a history of making antisemitic remarks, including in 2019 when she said she celebrated the Holocaust and felt a “calming feeling” when thinking about the genocide of millions of Jews. In 2020, she even retweeted an illustration with the caption, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” This Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) slogan has been adopted by Hamas and calls for the elimination of Israel and the death of all Jews. Tlaib also referred to Israel as having an “apartheid government” in September 2022.

Tlaib’s hatred extends beyond Israel to the very country she claims to represent in Congress. On October 12, 2023, she blamed America for allowing the deaths of Palestinian babies at the hands of Israel. Perhaps most shockingly, Tlaib followed Hezbollah’s orders to carry out a “day of unprecedented anger” following the explosion at a Gazan hospital and lied about Israel’s responsibility for the attack, directly contradicting American intelligence agencies.

Members of Congress who denounce the United States while praising terrorist organizations are unfit to hold office. Rashida Tlaib must be publicly censured in the House of Representatives with total condemnation for support of terrorist organizations.

Congresswoman Greene’s Censure Resolution was introduced with four original cosponsors, Rep. John Carter (TX), Rep. Mike Collins (GA), Rep. Mary Miller (IL), and Rep. Randy Weber (TX).


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