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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Issues Statement Following No Vote on Israel Aid Package

Today, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene issued a statement on her support for Israel, their statehood, and the right to defend themselves in the manner they choose and why she ultimately voted no to tonight's aid package to Israel, unapologetically demanding America’s border be Congress's first priority.

While Congresswoman Greene voted no on this particular aid package, the Congresswoman is proud to have a history of voting to fund Israel's Iron Dome and other defense systems. That's why the Congresswoman urges the Senate to take up the House's already passed Defense and State and Foreign Ops bills which already contain $3.8 billion for Israel. As soon as Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats take up these bills and send them to the White House, Joe Biden can sign them into law.


Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

Today I took a hard vote as a Christian who supports Israel.

I voted no to the additional funding to Israel's defense.

This comes after the Republican controlled House voted for $3.8 billion for Israel's defense, weapons and replenishment of the Iron Dome.

This $3.8 billion is sitting on Chuck Schumer's desk. And he and the Democrats in the Senate.\

Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader in the Senate for Republicans refused to pass this bill these bills $3.8 billion that could go directly to Israel's defense.

You see, the reason why I voted no today and not that I'll always be a no for Israel's defense is because I'm unapologetically America first.

And today in America, we have an open border driven national security crisis.

This is something we've never seen before.

Tragically over in Israel on the first day when Hamas horrifically attacked innocent Israeli citizens.

They killed approximately 1400 innocent women, children, babies, elderly people, people that were just going about their day.

But here in America every single day 300 Americans are murdered by cartel Chinese fentanyl that comes across our border because of the Biden administration's open border policies.

300 Then 600 Then 900 1200 1500 That's just in five days, but this never stops. There is no ceasefire for fentanyl.

There is no stop to it 300 Americans every single day.

You see we have to put our country first we have to put Americans first.

I stand with Israel and I cannot explain how much I support them.

I support Israel.

I support their defense and I support their statehood.

But I want to see America's government, our federal government, our elected office holders put the hard working American taxpayer American citizens America's border.

First for once.

People all over this country are suffering.

The people in Lahaina the people in East Palestine.

Our government never helps Americans.

They always put Americans last while they prioritize foreign wars and foreign borders, and then explain and explain why more billions and billions of dollars must be sent overseas to defend these country's borders.

Love, no one ever defends America's border, and our government certainly doesn't do it.

This has to end this is a cycle of America last policies that must end in Washington DC, because we are living in dangerous times.

Just in the past two and a half years when Joe Biden took office, the Biden administration has allowed over 10 million people to cross our border.

There is over 1.8 million got aways and right now US intelligence is warning that a terrorist attack could happen any any day at any time here on our own homeland.

We are on the verge of our own war within our own country. Because we have no idea how many terrorists are on our own land.

I'm against the foreign policy decisions that always prioritize other country's borders before our own border.

And again, I want to express that I solidly stand with Israel's defense.

I solidly stand with the Israeli citizens and I solidly support Israeli statehood.

You see the Biden administration has done everything to dismantle peace in the Middle East.

They took away President Trump's strong pro Israel strong peace policy policies that brought peace to that entire region for the first time in decades.

The Biden administration wants to control how the funding and how the how our military defense weapons are used for Israel's defense.

And this is something that we cannot allow to happen.

It will never matter how much money we give to Israel when Biden gets to dictate the terms.

Joe Biden is demanding a ceasefire.

They will demand this of Israel and not allowed Israel to defend their own country.

Joe Biden will demand to keep humanity humanitarian aid open in certain paths and not let Israel Stop it while they are being continually attacked by Hamas and Hezbollah.

They will We'll also tell Israel no preemptive strikes on Hezbollah, while Hezbollah is already firing rockets into Israel.

You see, if we just go ahead and fund this and send this money over to the Senate, and allow the Senate and the White House VIP take the terms for Israel, it will not ever help Israel the way Israel needs help.

It needs to defend themselves. Israel is a sovereign nation, they need to dictate their own terms.

They need to dictate their own defense.

And that's how I support Israel.

Today, I'm supporting America, and I'm supporting America's border.

This was a hard vote, I want to send as much helped Israel as possible.

And one day I may vote to do that, if that day arises.

But I'm urging all of my colleagues I'm urging everyone here in Washington, DC, to take very seriously for once our own national security crisis and the danger that our entire country is in from the open border policies of the Biden Administration.

Thank you.

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