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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Legislation to Reinstate Pilots Fired by COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates and Defend Medical Freedom

Today, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene proudly introduced legislation aimed at reinstating pilots who were unjustly fired or forced to resign due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The bill, co-led by Senator Marshall, seeks to rectify the injustices faced by pilots who chose to prioritize their personal health choices over coercive mandates.

Over the past several years, many pilots have found themselves forced out of their livelihoods for the simple act of refusing to get the COVID vaccine. These professionals, who ensure the smooth and safe functioning of the commercial American aviation industry, were denied the basic medical freedom to decide whether to take the experimental vaccine or face termination.

While witnessing the distressing scenes of pilots being compelled to take the vaccine against their will, we also observed the courage of those who stood against these tyrannical mandates—pilots who, regrettably, faced the consequence of losing their jobs for their principled stance. Congresswoman Greene emphasizes the urgent need to address this infringement on the rights of these dedicated professionals.

Congresswoman Greene expressed her commitment to restoring justice for the affected pilots, stating, "I am proud to co-lead this bill with Senator Marshall to bring justice to the pilots who were forced out of their livelihoods for bravely refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. These pilots were denied their medical freedom and lost their jobs because of the tyrannical mandates. This bill will hold airlines accountable by requiring them to reinstate those pilots who were unjustly fired."

Today, Senator Marshall, alongside Senator Braun, introduced the Senate companion bill for this legislation.

Congresswoman Greene urges her colleagues in the House and the Senate to rally behind this vital initiative, ensuring the restoration of justice for pilots who have valiantly defended their right to medical autonomy.

Read the full text of Congresswoman Greene’s legislation here.


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