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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Issues Statement on the Republican-led House Abandoning Its Promise to the American People

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene issued the following statement on the Republican-led House abandoning its promise to the American people:

“When Republicans took the majority in the House, we swore we would never pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) and we swore we would never pass minibusses. Yet here we are under Speaker Johnson, three CRs later, a minibus, and another minibus on the horizon next week.

I voted NO on today's minibus.

I want to keep the pledge this Republican-led House made to the American people when we took the majority. I also refuse to fund Joe Biden’s Department of Injustice which has been weaponized to target and persecute his top political opponent, non-violent political protestors who walked the Capitol grounds on January 6th, pro-life activists, Catholics attending Latin Mass, school boards, and concerned parents.

The spending level of today's minibus is higher than what was agreed upon under Speaker McCarthy. And this bill didn't just increase spending, it gave Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer everything they wanted on their wish list, and that is something I'll always refuse to vote for.

Republicans should've done what we said we were going to do. We should've passed an open rule and allowed Members to offer amendments. We should've let the Representatives of the American people decide the will of the House on each of our twelve appropriations bills and passed them individually.

Republicans have no excuse for having brought this minibus forward when we could have passed our single-subject appropriations bills and kept our promise to the American people.”

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