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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Secures Federal Funding for Seven Community Projects in Northwest Georgia

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is proud to announce that she has successfully secured federal funding for seven different projects for Northwest Georgia through the annual Community Project Funding Request process. Congresswoman Greene meticulously sought out projects that would improve quality of life, increase economic and social development, assist localities with vital funding needs, and harness community support.
These important projects were signed into law on Saturday, March 9, 2024, and will be implemented by various federal agencies that the projects pertain to in the coming months. Below is a comprehensive list of successfully secured projects and their respective funding levels:
Austell-Powder Springs Trail Expansion, Cobb County: $1,000,000
The expansion creates further access to the widely used Silver Comet Trail while increasing pedestrian access to Austell and Powder Springs while reducing automobile traffic in the rapidly growing areas of Cobb County.
Cobb County Water Main Replacement: $1,000,000
Replacing the current water line infrastructure is vital for the increasing demands of water by Powder Springs. This project will allow for growth and limit future maintenance on the current water line.
Dade County Water Intake Screen: $1,500,000
By purchasing and installing a water intake screen at the Dade County Water and Sewer Authority Pump Station, the pumps will be protected from debris and buildup that cause maintenance issues and pump unreliability.
Oostanaula School Community Center Renovation, Gordon County: $1,000,000
This renovation will allow for a historical landmark to continue to be used by the community for years to come. Currently, the center hosts community events, such as fundraisers for people in need, and houses a volunteer fire department.
Paulding County Fire Department Equipment Purchase: $49,000
Funding for the Paulding Fire Department will allow for the purchase of breathing apparatuses that are vital for the safety of Paulding’s firemen and for them to protect the lives of Paulding County residents.
Richard B. Russell Airport Expansion, Floyd County: $3,803,000
This project will add additional taxiway for the airport, allowing for additional hangar development and alleviating congestion.
Whitfield County Sewer Expansion: $1,000,000
Expansion of the county’s sewer infrastructure will allow for further housing development in the community which will provide families with more options in the county.
For a comprehensive list for all of Congresswoman Greene’s CPF requests, click here. (Note: Requested CPF projects may not have been fully funded or included in the final FY24 budget.)
For more information on CPF requests, click here.

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