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BREAKING: Former CDC Director Robert Redfield Reveals the COVID-19 Virus Was Likely Created by Gain of Function Research Funded by Dr. Fauci and the NIAID

Today, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene questioned former CDC Director Robert Redfield where he revealed the COVID-19 virus was likely created by gain of function research funded by Dr. Fauci and the NIAID.


Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene  
If we're going to look into the origins of COVID, and fully understand where this virus came from this virus that has murdered so many people all over the world, I think the most important thing we can do today is look at the timeline.

And if we go back to early 2020, when this was just starting to kill so many people will see something interesting that while Dr. Fauci Dr. Anderson, Dr. Collins, Peter Danzig from eco health, who by the way, had a grant for gain of function research, Dr. Aachen, Closs, and others were doing everything possible to shut down the Wuhan lab theory publicly, even though privately, they told each other, that COVID-19 looked engineered and discuss the reason to stop the theory. And if they were to, it's really interesting.

They wanted to give reasons for not expressing this opinion to the public word that it would do great potential harm to science and international harmony, and do unnecessary harm to science in general, and science and China, in particular, even though their paychecks are funded by the American taxpayers. At the same time, this was going on.

The CCP was using its full weight and power to spread a propaganda campaign to conceal the origins of COVID members of numbers of cases and deaths and protect their own reputations while stockpiling medical supplies, severely hurting the global supply chain and definitely hurting America.

In the same way, the CCP silence centered and prison dissenters who tried to tell the truth. Dr. Fauci and his cohorts seemingly were running their own misinformation, and ultimately censorship campaign, to in quotes from Dr. Collins to Dr. Fauci put down this very destructive conspiracy about the lab leak theory, but it's really interesting, I think we should revisit January 27 and 2020 Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, finds out that they have a financial relationship with the Wuhan Institute of virology through eco Health Alliance, and that they have been working with novel coronaviruses January 31 2020, Dr. Fauci has warned by Dr. Christian Andersen that some of COVID nineteen's features potentially look engineered.

And the genome is inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory. Dr. Redfield, did you agree in your opinion with Dr. Anderson's assessment at the time that this virus did look engineered?

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield  
I was concerned because of the presence of the fearing cleavage site that we've talked about.

And I think it's important to understand what that cleavage site does, that cleavage site totally changes the orientation of the binding domain of COVID.

So now, which could not see the h2 receptor, which is the human receptor, it shows totally changes the orientation now.

So it has high affinity for human receptor so that Furin cleavage site bothered me it didn't seem that it belong there.

And then when you look at the sequences that it used, and it's beyond the committee, but I know many of you have looked into it, the sequences that they used in those 12 nucleotides for arginine were the arginine sequences nucleotide triplet that coded for the human arginine.

So why did this virus have the arginine sequences for human? They're not bad was very disconcerting to me. It looked like this virus was engineered.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene  
Was this, what you're observing and speaking of is this something that would be in line with gain of function research and the capabilities that would provide to virus?

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield  
Yeah, I mean, basically, this lab published in 2014, that they accomplished in this allowing the Coronavirus is that they were working with in the lab to bind to the h2 receptor and humanized mice, and the only way they did that was by reorienting the binding domain.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene  
And it was clear to them at this time, that was likely the issue in their private conversations.

Yet by February 4, a paper on the origins of COVID is drafted by four participants of the February one conference call.

One of those participants, Dr. Anderson completely reverses himself in an email to the president of eco health, Peter Danzig, and says the main crop crackpot theories going around at the moment relate to this virus being somehow engineered and that is is demonstrably false.

My question to you Mr. Redfield, did you know of any evidence that they had found within three days from February 1 to February 4, to be able to confirm that it was not created in a lab?

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield  
As I mentioned earlier, unfortunately, I was excluded from those conversations, which I found retroactively very disappointed, since I was obviously a virologist, and very engaged and I actually had asked Jeremy Farrar, Tony Fauci and Tedros to have these conversations.

And then to be excluded, I found unusual.

I do think it illustrates one point it's worth really focusing on.

When when you have a group of people that decide there can only be one point of view that's problematic.

And I'll keep going saying it's antithetical to science. And unfortunately, that's what they did.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene  
I can tell you Dr. Redfield, that is the case it's very problematic because how people suffered in this country from those what I would call tirade, nickel decisions, using their positions of power and shutting down the countries the way they did.

I think people definitely feel that way.

Thank you.

I yield back.

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